Angat Buhay Foundation USA to hold fundraising for advocacies  in support of marginalized Filipinos

From The by Christina Pastor November 1,2023

Roger Santos is executive director of Angat Buhay USA.

Angat Buhay Foundation USA Inc., the first international partner of former Vice President Leni Robredo’s foundation of the same name, announced a fundraising event and round table discussion to activate their advocacies in public health, public education, disaster relief & rehabilitation and community engagement.

The announcement was made by Executive Director Roger Santos of New Jersey, together with its Chairperson Atty. Leni Robredo, who was in the U.S. recently for a series of speaking events. While in the U.S., Robredo keynoted the UP Alumni Association homecoming, was honored with a The Outstanding Filipinos Awards, and appeared on the talk show Makilala TV.

The fundraising event will initially focus on Angat Buhay’s Education Infrastructure Program particularly a provision to provide dormitories to schools with students living in Geographically Isolated and Disadvantaged Areas (GIDA). It also seeks to provide classrooms to public elementary schools to enhance their learning environment. As of 2023, Angat Buhay supports 197,000 classrooms across the country. 

Santos said, “There will be discussions in the following areas,” and online registration will be available in a few weeks. 

-Disaster and Relief: to assist  disaster-stricken communities and families through shelter repair kits, livelihood interventions for fisherfolk and farmer communities, and infrastructure repair. Relief assistance in the form of   relief packs, hygiene kits, drinking water are also to be discussed, as well as support to communities through a mobilization fund. Right now, the Angat Bayanihan Volunteers operate in disaster communities, their funding to be secured from generous contributions.

Santos, Robredo with Angat Buhay partners from the University of Southern California

Santos introduces then-Vice President Leni Robredo to members of the Filipino community in New Jersey.

-Health relative to Nutrition Program: to support   the establishment of food (hot meals) hubs, using local produce to feed children undergoing literacy and numeracy intervention, also to support local implementers (barangay nutrition scholars, local volunteers) for monitoring and mobilization. 

-Public Education: to support literacy program for Grade 1 learners, and the training of tutors from higher education institutions.  The training will be delivered by the UP College of Education Volunteers, and the Phoenix Educational Foundation. Also included in the public education program is the reproduction of learning materials, the establishment of literacy centers, as well as the provision of computers, laptops, printers, tablets for tutors and volunteers. 

-Angat Bayanihan Volunteer Network. This involves provision of capacity building interventions and grants for emerging civil society organizations to implement development programs especially for the marginalized sectors. It will also build coalitions to establish standards for impactful programs such as Brigada Pagbasa Coalition, a network of non-government literacy and numeracy interventions. 

Angat Buhay Foundation USA Inc. is a registered 501c3 nonprofit organization. Its focus is to support Angat Buhay programs of Robredo’s Angat Pinas Inc. network.